About Us

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We are four sisters who are also known as The 4L’s – Lannette, Louise, Lindsey and Lorraine from Filipino descent, born and raised in London. Since we were little, we have always talked and dreamt about starting up our own boutique. As kids, we would price items around our little home pretending to play shops! So, over a “cuppa”, we decided to take the leap and come together to start a new and exciting business venture with one common goal – to share our most loved and handpicked pieces which we hope you will love.

All of our pieces tell a story from our collective experiences from living abroad, to raising young families and having a health-conscious lifestyle. We also have a love of fun afternoon teas, dinners and quality time with our friends and family. Sometimes you just need your siblings, best friends or loved ones to laugh, catch up and to share stories with.

When you order from the Manalo Sisters Boutique, you will get to know who we are as sisters – 4 unique characters, who are family orientated with a love of beautiful things! 

We hope our unique and personalised products allow you to have the same experiences that we have together. 

Love The 4L's xxxx